Linh & Steven


Their Story

Linh and Steven’s journey began at a mutual friend’s wedding in 2018. Both of them were coming off of long term relationships and only recently got back in to the dating scene. Steven asked her out and their first date was on August 25th, 2018, at La Fontaine, an Italian restaurant in downtown Mountain View. The first time Linh visited Steven’s place, he had just moved in to an apartment in Santa Clara so he didn’t have any furniture. For about a week, they ate on top of shoe boxes while sitting on the floor lol. 

Their first trip together was to Nashville, TN. Steven was in between business trips so they would take their own flights and meet each other there. Linh’s flight from CA to TN required a connecting flight in Denver. That flight wound up needing to detour due to bad weather and running out of gas. Her flight had to emergency land in Salt Lake City where she would experience additional significant delays and gate changes. Eventually she made it to Nashville and they had a blast, hitting all the bars with live country music downstairs and hip hop/edm on the roof tops. This trip was early in their relationship and the first time they had to navigate through a stressful situation together so it was a positive sign that they could get through that and still have an amazing time together. 

In case you didn’t know, Steven is nine years younger than Linh. Jk, it’s nine months, but one would think it was nine years with how much it bothered her in the beginning. Plus it doesn’t help that Steven gets ID’d all the time with his baby face and she doesn’t. There was a time they went to a wine bar and Linh walked in ahead of Steven. The guy at the door waives Linh by and immediately cocks his head to the side to look around Linh towards Steven and says, “ID please”. Steven joked and told her not to worry about it and that they just wanted to increase the girl:guy ratio. You could feel the cringe oozing from her skin. He jokes and tells her now that the longer couples stay together, the more they take on each other’s appearance so she can save all the money she’s been spending on anti-aging skin care products. Oh and “coincidentally”, the wedding is after Steven’s birthday and before Linh’s so technically they are getting married at the same age. 

Hopefully these stories provide a glimpse on their life together. Lots of spontaneity, fun, and laughs. Throughout the last three years, they’ve been to multiple local and international destinations, a dozen concerts, comedy shows, motorcycle rides, and yes, even a pandemic. The rest of their story can be seen through the pictures of their adventures together. Today, they live in San Mateo with their fury baby Joey, a Golden Retriever born on January 23rd, 2021, and are excited to enter their next chapter in life together. 

Their Adventures

When and Where

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021
5:00PM – 10:00PM
INDO Restaurant
3295 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306